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The genesis of ‘The Bakers Junction’ traces back to a blend of a 17-year career in finance and a fervent passion for baking, inspired by the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of Mumbai and my professional journey from IIFL Securities to Fintoo. This venture, conceived alongside my mentor, Dr. Anu Khanchandani, embodies the ambition to create an all-women organization that marries technology with domain expertise, driven by the belief in the transformative power of startups.

My personal journey into the world of baking began with a simple desire to craft memorable birthday cakes for my niece, Kashvi, evolving into Jazz Gourmet Studio, a testament to my commitment to mastering the art of baking beyond monetary pursuits. ‘The Bakers Junction’ emerged from this personal and professional alchemy, aiming to forge a comprehensive marketplace that connects the baking community, from institutes and home bakers to corporates and suppliers, fostering a space for growth, learning, and entrepreneurship.

‘The Bakers Junction’ is more than a marketplace; it’s a vision to inspire, guide, and empower a diverse community of baking enthusiasts. By celebrating the uniqueness of each baker and addressing the challenges in sourcing quality ingredients and tools, the platform aims to revolutionize the baking industry. It also seeks to bridge the gap between home bakers and the corporate world, offering customized gifting solutions and expanding learning opportunities for underprivileged children.

My journey from finance to the culinary arts underlines ‘The Bakers Junction’s mission to unite passion with professionalism, creating a nurturing environment for all involved in the baking ecosystem.

Connect, Create, Flourish!

“ At The Bakers Junction, we blend investment acumen and tech innovation with a zest for baking. Our platform connects home bakers, instructors, suppliers, and corporates in a vibrant marketplace. We’re more than a business; we’re a community fostering growth, learning, and entrepreneurship in baking.”

Jaya Premchandani – CEO PORUS BAKERY

Our Community


Heartwarming creations from the heart of the home


Crafting skilled artisans from the dough of knowledge


Whipping up possibilities, one recipe at a time.


Mixing passion, sharing flavors, creating connections

Ever since I joined The Bakers Junction, my baking skills have improved dramatically. The tutorials are easy to follow, and the community support is incredible. I've never felt more inspired!

Sharing my home-baked creations on The Bakers Junction has opened up a whole new world for me. I've received orders from people all over my city. It's truly empowering.

The feedback from the community on The Bakers Junction has been invaluable. It's not just about baking; it's about sharing, learning, and growing together.

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